About Me

Hi, I’m Cedreka and I am a mom of 3 gorgeous, amazing, nerdy, genius kids. I would like to help you with meal planning, easy recipes, time management, and keeping your home organized

I am really good at cooking any and everything, I am the best at organizing even the tiniest spaces, and I can come up with a meal in my head even if I don’t have all the ingredients. During the week I am accomplishing my military duties, I meal plan for the week, take online classes, clean the house, come up with new ideas to serve moms. Weekends are the time I spend with my kids, do fun activities and also give myself a little self-care. 

Anyone who comes to my house to dinner, my mom will always say, “She is the Chef of the house and she is amazing at it”. My mom is known as the crockpot lady and she is the best at that, lol.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I am from Chicago, Illinois
  • I love waking up early everyday
  • I only drink decaf coffee
  • I love dill pickles with a peppermint in the middle
  • I’m very insecure but hide it well
  • My love language “practicing what you preach.”
  • My kids are my world
  • I am a single mother
  • I am in the military
  • I am in school for my PHD in Forensic Psychology
  • I am a chef and love cooking
  • I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism
  • I love candy and can’t live without it
  • I’m goofy with an attitude, lol
  • I love motivating and uplifting other women
  • I am a Parent and Self-Care Coach

Stay Positive. Stay Motivated. Talk Soon.